About Us

Anew Ceylon Tea & Spices (Pvt) Ltd is strongly committed to preserving the fragile ecology and rich bio-diversity of Sri Lanka. In this era of rapid ecological depletion, it is imperative for us to restore the balance. The company is collectively creating a unique sustainable business with the commitment and involvement of all the employees.  We export high quality tea to a growing overseas market, and within years the brand name, Anew Ceylon Tea has become synonymous with tea. Professional management has made the company a force to reckon with in the tea industry. Tea is infinite in nature, quality is changing subtlety with the natural phenomenon with soil, sunshine, temperature and rain etc.. A phenomenal growth has achieved as the Anew Ceylon Tea expands through vertical integration and diversification. We are proud of our Quality Systems, which ensures production of superior quality teas in Sri Lanka. The company is fully conscious of the social obligations to the public and society at large and to its employees spares no effort to fulfill these, often well exceeding the statutory requirements.

Vision and Mission

To provide Real Ceylon tea ‘as it once was’

To provide the most unique, healthy and naturally delicious beverage solutions and meet customer expectations by providing highest quality and an excellent Cup of Tea to the highest level of customer satisfaction.